BGN BOX: Art Therapy with Sound Engineering Proposal

Boston Got Next received an 15K Grant to Build Community and Address Trauma and the Impact of COVID Neighborhood Trauma Team & Village in Progress Community Support Grants from the Boston Public Health Commission. Read the initial proposal below:

Boston residents will have access to Boston Got Next Entertainment three to four times a week to access art and music supplies. We are aiming to reach over 50 to 100 residents/artists, but meet with 4-10 artists a week in the Dorchester and Boston areas until May 2021. Residents will be able to create art (wooding, beading, painting, drumming) while listening to a playlist catered to the theme of the event.

During COVID-19 many community centers and activity places for families shut down, stress has been rising so Boston Got Next will be the stop in place (booked of course first!) to get a quick relaxation. Art therapy has helped with concentration and be socially aware of their emotions and actions. BGN BOX will be staffed with a DJ, Painter and/or Sound Engineer. Creating sounds with the objects around us will be key to presenting how the picture drawn related to the music played at the time. We do have a small population of elders we work with so by creating programming targeted for this population with having more sensory and mobile art supplies they can use.