Frenchy was born and raised in Lynn,Ma and started her career as a DJ at Frans Place 10 years ago. When she was younger, she was the kid you would never see without a Walkman. Music was the best friend she had always wanted. She always admired local DJs, so once given the opportunity to teach herself on actual equipment, she didn’t hesitate to take it. 

Frenchy finally got her chance to DJ in the Boston Scene around 2015 and has never looked back since. She had a desire to shake things up in the nightlife scene because she noticed the lack of inclusivity and culture.

Frenchy brought her vision to Machine nightclub in Fenway and was a resident DJ and promoter for five years. She is well know for being eclectic and able to play any genre for any crowd. Her favorite thing about being a DJ is watching the crowd get hyped over a song. 

DJ Frenchy just recently received the “Advancing Equity Award” from Mass Now.