BGN Listening Sessions

Zyla Sol released her mixtape “YaZyla SolStice” featuring 16 tracks. This project was influenced by that good old school hip-hop and neo-soul/R&B that makes you want to sip tea, twerk a little while reading a book!

Brandie Blaze has captured the hearts and souls of each person when she performs. “Do you know what to do when you f*** with a boss like me?” you can hear be shouted from the crowds soon as the beat drops. Her highly anticipated album releases December 7 at midnight.

Dro Casso, is from Boston, MA. “Music is my therapy; it’s that world we dive deep down in the depths of the wild to find serenity,” DROCasso voices. 

Minor is from Roxbury, MA. Minors “The Ghetto Hopeless Romantic” is truly from the heart, swaying back and forth from being the good guy, breaking hearts and finding true love.

Cliff Notez, album “When The SideWalk Ends” discussed the effects of police brutality, vitiligo and living in our traumas while trying to stay afloat. He most recently released “Why The Wild Things Are”. Creating HipStory has been something needed in Boston giving hip hop and young voices a chance to express themselves.