Lunch Is Ova represents an inter-generational audience that is in tune with past, present music, local & global news, fashion & politics. LIO is a two hour early mid evening show hosted on SparkFM Online Radio featuring Boston Music Award 2020 Nominee DJ WhySham, RG The Visionary, TGNoughSaid, KN and Friends. 

From super artists like Brandie Blaze, Red Shaydez, Eva Davenport, Genie Santiago, Lance Jackson to State Representative Chynah Tyler, City Councilor Andrea Campbell, Michelle Wu, every guest on Lunch Is Ova is questioned hard by LIO hosts with unfiltered comedy to take on hardcore issues in the world today.

Lunch Is Ova includes segments such as ‘LIO Eats?’ which features local restaurants and “Now We Here”’, where WomXn from Boston and around the world to discuss there journey to their career. DJ WhySham’s LIO Music Report – shares the latest local and mainstream artists music, while TG-NoughSaid, KN and RG The Visionary debates over Sports. DJ WhySham kicks off LIO with her 30 Minute LIO ShakeDown (helping burn them carbs from Lunch)! Scroll down to Meet Danielle Johnson, Founder of SparkFM!

Meet Danielle Johnson, Founder and Creator of SparkFM Online

“But she wanted something bigger. She heard complaints that there wasn’t a locally-focused radio station, one owned and operated by a Black entrepreneur and tailor made for the local Boston community. “I figured why not start my own radio station?” Johnson said.

That idea resulted in SparkFM, which now airs 19 live shows and offers 24/7 digital broadcasting, focused on hip hop, Caribbean, Afrobeat and Latinex music. Despite the challenges the pandemic has presented in ad revenue and filling out her events space, the business has taken root, with more fundraising and growth planned down the line.” –Boston Business Journal

March 8th, 2021, Boston Got Next and SparkFMOnline came together to create this event to show the importance of womxn leadership. Hosted by Tayla Andre and DJ WhySham.
Feat. State Representative Chynah Tyler, Kaleisha Chance (4 Star Dance Studio), Bria Grambell (Mass Now).
Performances from CakeSwagg (Thank You Black Girl) and Ava Sophia (Love Is Love)
DJ WhySham sits down with City Councilor Andrea J. Campbell 11.3.20
DJ WhySham x Rilla Force sit down with City Councilor Michelle Wu 10.29.20