REd shaydez

RED SHAYDEZ is one of the most talented rappers out right now and I don’t think the city really knows what to do with her and that is just our opinion! The Recipe, which was primarily shot at Dorchester Art Project takes you through a party scene, car doors up and Red Shaydez spitting some bars.

Before releasing the Official Video for The Recipe, Red Shaydez dropped an animated video “They Call Me Shaydez” posted in a basketball court, roaming through the city, while people in the community are enjoying themselves dancing to her music.  

Recently premiered “Lemme Go Talk My Sh**” via The Hip Hop Weekly Daily, Red Shaydez has shown you again how to stay on top of your creativity game! In the video, one of the main shots is of her head being cut off! Yea her head is off! (You have to watch)! 

Take notes, Red Shaydez really shows how in depth they are willing to go to give you some awesome visuals.